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Our Offering

  • We are specialists in company incorporations, corporate services, company & branch management and compliance in Switzerland, including advice on the international structuring of corporate shareholdings to benefit from double tax treaties and bilateral investment treaties.


  • Our clients are global financial intermediaries and  entrepreneurs, including family offices and private trust companies, seeking a presence in Switzerland.

  • From our offices – in Zug and Geneva – we offer access to all the advantages of Switzerland: economic, legal and political stability; low effective tax rates and the legal protections and legitimate confidentiality which this well-regulated jurisdiction provides for private company shareholders, foundations and trusts.

  • For companies active in the wealth management industry : we also offer directorships, anti-money laundering compliance, company administration and back-office services.

  • We help prepare Swiss regulatory applications for asset managers, fund promoters and managers, trustees and fiduciary service providers.

  • We support and advise clients on the recently enhanced regulatory framework imposed by the Financial Markets Authority (FINMA) and the newly created Swiss Supervisory Organisations.

  • Working closely with our clients’ tax & legal advisors, we assist in the set-up and management of multinational trading & holding entities, including advice on establishing professional partnerships, private trust companies, trusts, foundations, captive insurers and other entities to ensure optimal tax efficiency, succession planning, risk management and asset protection.

SMT is a corporate services and advisory company, based in Zug and Geneva. The company is supervised and regulated in Switzerland by the Supervisory Organisation for Financial Intermediaries and Trustees (“SO-FIT”). SMT also has access to other Supervisory Organisations through our highly qualified associates (NB: SMT does not provide asset management, trustee services or any tax or legal advice)

SMT Swiss Mutual Trust S.A. was created to offer local services in Switzerland – with all its tax, legal, logistical and reputational benefits – to clients and professional intermediaries seeking a relatively low-cost, onshore Swiss dimension to their cross-border structures.

Family office advisory services

(including administration & back office services)


Fiduciary services & set-up of private trust companies

Structuring of Swiss & global holding & operating companies & other entities

(including guidance on choice of tax and legal advisors)

Company formation in Switzerland and globally

(including branches & partnerships)


Cross-border structuring of investments & asset holdings

(including advice on double tax treaties & bilateral investment treaties)


Immigration & relocation services

(through close contacts with specialist advisers in key jurisdictions)


General administrative & corporate services

Advice on asset protection, trusts & foundations


Advice on social entrepreneurship & philanthropy

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