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For International Business Owners and their families

  • Confidential ownership of business assets, through wide choice of Swiss & cross-border structuring (including use of Swiss trustees, multiple custodians & brokerage facilties)

  • Low negotiated tax burden for wealthy foreigners (‘lump sum’ tax calculated on Swiss cost factors only, avoiding world-wide reporting)

  • Strong privacy and security for physical and corporate environment

  • Excellent life-style & cultural facilities

  • Highest standards of public schooling, healthcare & sporting facilities

  • Ability to set up dedicated family-office & private financial service companies


For Asset Protection and Wealth Management 

  • Robust legal system which protects privacy of legitimate business owners & their families

  • Unrivalled confidentiality of ownership and corporate structures

  • Home of the world’s most sophisticated wealth & inheritance planning professionals

  • Access to world’s largest choice of expert private wealth management professionals, trustees, trusted advisers and private client asset managers

  • Access to highest level of global asset allocation and portfolio management expertise

Switzerland for asset protection

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