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Company Formation and Cross-Border Structuring

Switzerland has long been regarded as a safe harbor for wealth, thanks to its ironclad banking and secrecy provision, its political neutrality and economic stability.


Major factors that attract business to this important financial centre are the easy and efficient company formation procedures, favorable interest terms, low levies, moderate tax burden, and a high degree of price stability.


All this in a strategic location surrounded by the largest European markets and economies. Switzerland is certainly one of the most attractive countries in the world to live, work, and to base your company’s operations. However, the Swiss tax regime is quite complicated due to differences in law in each of its Cantons.


Company formation in Switzerland consists of numerous activities that include drafting the articles of association, the special forms from the company registration office, specimen signatures and passport copies. It is important to know that all procedures regarding company formation in Switzerland must be performed through a public notary. Finding a registered office, setting up a bank account and hiring a local accountant are also part of the company formation in Switzerland.


It is important that the Swiss Company Formation procedure is provided by locally based professionals with the necessary expertise for to ensure your company is efficiently structured.


Through our international network of Highworth we can help you take advantage of the unique characteristics of favorable tax jurisdictions and double tax treaties between countries, to reduce your overall tax obligations arising from dividends, royalties, interest and revenue, as well as management fees and loans.


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