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Immigration and Relocation Services

SMT and its group companies help you handle the logistical and practical complexities of paperwork by processing and monitoring your application with the relevant authorities.


Switzerland has made several agreements which allow foreign citizens to become Swiss residents and to enjoy many privileges of the EU / EFTA. This applies despite recent new immigration policies to EU / EFTA nationals, although new quotas will be applied from 2015. The authorities reserve considerable discretion in providing incentives for foreign investors – this includes high-tech sectors, healthcare, commodity trading, financial services, wealth management, tourism, etc.


The situation not the same for varies for non European Union (EU) / European Free Trade Association (EFTA) nationals. However, as the Swiss immigration process is relatively flexible, it allows business visas and residency for a range of situations of interest to entrepreneurs and their families.


Our team’s collective expertise, and knowledge of who to go to for the best specialist advice on specific cases, will assist in obtaining answers and implementing what solutions may be available.


For non-EU nationals, practical solutions may involve creating businesses in Switzerland (with SMT’s assistance in reducing the costs) and combining your Swiss residency strategy with an application for economic citizenships in a flexible jurisdiction where the entry costs are low and Schengen visas can be readily be obtained (e.g. St Kitts & Nevis).

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