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Swiss Tax Structuring and International
Tax Planning

With increasing focus on international compliance by national tax authorities and a constantly changing business and legal environment, companies and individuals are hampered by several complex tax issues.


In order to compete internationally, companies must adapt to the impact that these developments have on cross-border business operations and transactions. SMT aims proactively to advise you on how and where to optimize the structure of your group in accordance with your requirements for:-


Confidentiality and minimal reporting-

Lowest tax possible (using a combination of tax treaty and zero tax jurisdictions)-

Tax compliance in all the countries where you operate-

Where possible, the protection of your investments through asset protection structures (and in some cases the use of available bilateral investment treaties).


Through our association with HIGHWORTH we employ tax experts across the world in all relevant jurisdictions and continually monitor and re-evaluate tax strategies. In addition, we provide monitoring of your Swiss tax obligations, preparation and filing of tax returns, tax statements verification, and Swiss VAT representation. We invite you to discuss your requirements with our directors who will guide your though our services and assist you with your tax needs.

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